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Stop the Leaks with Our Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

Your home is your most valuable possession and your biggest investment. Keep your home in top-notch condition and maintain its market value with the services offered by The Foundation Specialists, LLC. We handle foundation repairs, waterproofing, and window installation throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio, area as well as offering drainage solutions and concrete work.

Foundation Wall Repair

Foundation Repairs

From cracks and bulging walls to I-beams for structural stability, we do it all. We provide block and poured foundation wall repairs, replacements, and waterproof basement foundations. Our professionals don't just fix cracks, we ensure the entire foundation is firm and structurally sound. We excavate the wall down to the footer, put in drainage, install sump pumps to remove water, and fix the walls by putting in hydraulic cement. We then apply a thick coat of waterproof foundation coating, using polyurethane sheeting as a waterproof membrane. Finally, we back fill with three feet of gravel. Our repair process is meticulous and thorough. Our services are ideal for:

  • Residential Homeowners
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condo Associations
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Investors


Water in your basement can cause mildew or mold and destroy property stored there. Our services will prevent any leaks and keep the water out. We break the floor by the wall and dig it out to install a drainage system connected to a sump pump that removes the water. Then, we back fill it with gravel and pour the floor back to make it level. Finally, we install a waterproofing membrane on the wall. Water around your foundation can cause cracks or bulging walls. To correct it, we install steel I-beams and mortar to the concrete every foot and a half, then anchor it and attach floor joists above.

Window Installation

If you use your basement as livable space, installing an egress window is ideal in case of a fire or other emergency. Extremely affordable, these types of windows are easy to open and climb out of. For installation, we would excavate on the outside and put in the window for safety and access.

Egress Window Installation